Johnny Kills combine bouncy surf-pop and garage-rock


London/Brighton band Johnny Kills are back with their second single of the year ‘Help Me Out’.

The surf-pop trio are a new discovery for ICM who produce bouncy, lackadaisical rock have also announced their debut EP, ‘Panic’, set for November 20th.

Tackling the confusion and cluelessness of early adulthood with their frantic fuzz-drenched but largely light-hearted garage-rock, Johnny Kills ruminate on life’s less pressing problems.

Committing room silencing faux pas, self-imposed boredom and fretting over communication in the early phase of relationships are just some of the themes taking central stage in their modern life vignettes, tied together for the first time in a four-track collection, aptly titled ‘Panic’.

This upcoming EP ramps up the feeling of early-20s anxiety, not least as the three band members, brothers Tim and Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings and amigo-in-noise Cameron Gipp, slide further away from their adolescence. Responsibility, identity and reality looming ever darker on the horizon.

Johnny Kills have developed a reputation for an infectious sound and attitude, live they’ve supported the likes of Fangclub and Sick Joy whilst playing numerous shows between home bases Brighton and London, as well as further afield in Liverpool, York and Birmingham.

To hone their raw sound into something more developed they’ve worked with rising producer Alex Greaves, who’s been turning heads for his work with Heavy Lungs, Working Men’s Club and Bdrmm.

Listen to ‘Help Me Out’ now and please leave a rating out of 10!


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