Hartlepool’s Leopard Rays packed with intimate indie rock


Hailing from a town called Hartlepool on a passion about football, art and music, the Leopard Rays release new single ‘Out Of My Chest’.

The indie rock quartet formed in 2018 by Luke Dawkins, Sean Mccloskey, Tom Pattison and David Wilcox, takes influence from the likes of Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Oasis but more importantly a thriving local music scene where there is no shortage of undiscovered talent.

‘Out Of My Chest’ is a cool track with thumping rhythms and enormous riffs, but with an intimate and gentler anthemic feel to the track. Lead guitarist Sean hails from Chicago and he puts an American twist to a classic British spirit that rings through the music.

Highlights of the band’s early stages include performing at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre and local music festival ‘The Gathering Sounds’ as well as the release of debut tracks ‘Wealth and Comfort’ and ‘Easy Tiger’.

Locked and Loaded with quality material and a few tricks up their sleeve, Leopard Rays will be setting out to leave a mark on a wider music scene within the UK as well as provide for the good people of the North East.