Greman trio KOJ make a dark pop return


German trio KOJ is back with a set of new releases including the dark indie pop single ‘Deep Water’.

Consisting of three musicians; two brothers and one married couple, KOJ give life to a sound that is full of contrasts, sometimes roaring, untamed and raw, as the ocean that inspires them, other times delicate, fragile and minimalistic.

Since their formation in November 2010, KOJ has produced two albums; Waters in 2012 and All We Have Is Gold in 2017.

‘Deep Waters’ is dark, dramatic and riveting, as singer and guitarist Alina von der Gathen explains.

“‘Deep Waters’ talks about being reckless, not caring for your own life enough to protect it from literally being swallowed by a deep, dark ocean.

“It depicts the image of someone standing at the edge of a cliff and pondering over the idea of jumping into the vastness of the sea, letting it take you whole,” says the musician.

“There will most likely be a time in each of our lives where we feel so hopeless, that we don’t want to go on. We are trying to run from it, we are trying to plead with some higher power to free us, we want to get rid of all the darkness we carry.

“But let’s face it, that simply won’t work and neither would it serve us in the long run. So, we either jump to put an end to our own life or we have the courage to go on, face the darkness, let it shape us, like the ocean does the landscapes.

“Only one part of the original song ‚survived’ the recording session. The rest of the music and lyrics have been written in a tiny cottage in Denmark, very close to the ocean, but without any treacherous cliffs.”

Listen to KOJ’s ‘Deep Waters’ live for a Speicher session.