Greatest Discovery Nomination #6 – Asylums

Greatest Discovery Nomination #6 – Asylums

Throughout the year we strive to discover new emerging talent within the music industry. With a mini-music revolution taking part, bands are constantly forming up and down the country with new and innovative ideas and takes on the current music norms. With 2016 drawing to a close we are going to be nominating 10 bands who we feel are our greatest discoveries.

With achieving two IndieCentralMusic Song Of The Week’s with tracks, ‘Joy In A Small Wage’ & ‘Necessary Appliances’, a Tramlines Festival exclusive interview and also a Favourite Live Performance Award for their blistering set at Flying Vinyl earlier this year, it is fair to say we have got the asylums bug. We just cannot get enough!

Asylums unfortunately are not a household name yet, and that’s one their beauties. It means that whenever you see them live, it is dedicated Asylums fans who’ve been there from the start. Of course at festivals there may be people who haven’t heard of them before, but that’s where their true talent and dedicated fans will embrace newbies and bring them into the asylums crew.

IndieCentralMusic are proud to say that we have been there from the start with Asylums and will continue our support for one of our greatest discoveries during 2016. Watch out world… Asylums are coming!

The winner of each category will announced on 3oth of December.

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