Glass Peaks release anthemic single ‘Misery’

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Kent trio Glass Peaks return with their latest huge single ‘Misery’. The alternative rock three-piece is a force to be reckoned with as they release their incredibly anthemic and tantalising new single based off Stephen Kings book and motion picture, ultimately named Misery.

Glass Peaks unzip your back and rattle your spine like a bird-cage on this uncomfortable and yet topical journey of self-deprecation and turmoil. Every line has a part to play building a vivid picture of mental and physical pain; something which in turn stays true to the subject matter.

The track is essentially broken up into three parts. We start with the foundations which include that almost alarm like riff which is sustained throughout. The track slowly starts to build with anticipation until we reach the climactic end and are greeted with rough riffs, top end vocals are Grant’s legendary drum fills.

Although there are parts of the song which are lost in translation due to the overall mix, I’ve heard this song live and it’s incredibly accurate to how it’s performed. Glass Peaks have the formula to creating tunes which sound huge both digitally and in person.

With this being the first release as part of the CloseUp/Modern Sky label, it’s only a matter of time before the ever-impending EP is due to drop and put alternative music back on the warpath and towards the mainstream consensus.

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  • Storytelling like no other
  • Solidifying style and sound
  • True to the live version


  • The screaming is lost in the mix which is a massive part of the song


Glass Peaks return with their parabolic latest single 'Misery'. Released on the newly found CloseUp label in association with ModernSky, Glass Peaks are aligning themselves with the right names and individuals to help their larger than life sound escalate into one of the most recognisable alternative rock groups in today's current alternative climate.

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