Girl Wilde is carving out a distinct new sound


Empowered, sassy and marching to the beat of her own drum, Girl Wilde releases her debut single ‘BADSIDE’.

Not much is known about her yet, but the name says it all. Combining elements of pop, rock, and electronica, Girl Wilde is carving out a distinct new sound.

She may be keeping her true identity quiet for now, but Girl Wilde is no novice to the music world, previously songwriting for others as well as her own past projects.  However, the Girl Wilde project was born from a desire to be unrestricted by genre, expectations, and trends. Blending influences of rock, pop, and electronic, she has created a fresh and distinctive sound on ‘BADSIDE’.

Talking to C-Head, who premiered the single, she said: “’BADSIDE’ was unintentionally the first song I wrote for the project. I went into the studio with Allie Mcdonald and Dave Burris and spoke to them about the side we try to hide from people when we first meet them.

“The mess, the struggles, the downright uncomfortable and unattractive truths. We found ourselves giggling over the stupid and destructive things we did as our past selves to seem more desirable. We felt sassy and empowered. We just had a really good time making it and I hope people will feel that.”

It may be early days for the Girl Wilde project but she packs a serious punch on ‘BADSIDE’ and promises more music to come.



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