Gaspar Sanz – explosive psychedelic pop


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What started out as a hobby for two musicians who had a passion for acting, Gaspar Sanz formed when it got serious.

After graduating a year apart and each making their own separate ways to Sydney in 2011, drummer Sammy Devenport (formerly of Tame Impala and Mink Mussel Creek) and vocalist Jimmy Bell reconnected.

They jammed together whilst in between acting gigs and then bass player Dom Coulton, who met Sammy through bartending, and other Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) alumni, guitarist Jesse Lawrence joined the team.

After playing in various incarnations, covering a wide array of musical genres ranging from pop to folk, the band settled on a sound, name (Gaspar Sanz) and style which culminated in their self-titled debut EP in 2017.

Their new single ‘Meanderthal’ is a joyous number with huge guitar riffs, jaw-dropping rhythmics, and anthemic vocals. It’s high energy and vigorous, frantic riffs produce a colourful and sprightly twist to their sexy psychedelic pop edge.

Watch the funky music video for ‘Meanderthal’ below.