Funky guitar rock from Cold Engines


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Boston Rock band Cold Engines have just dropped a funky, soul-infused indie rock tune ‘Shady Lover’.

After exploding on the Northeast American scene, the band has been seen sharing stages with their heroes and honing their instantly identifiable sound.

Comprised of David Drouin (vocals and guitar), Eric Reingold (vocals and bass), Geoff Pilkington (drums) and Aaron Zaroulis (drums and vocals), the new single is extremely groovy and very catchy.

The funky guitar riffs, the mellifluous vocals and the very catchy chorus of ‘Shady Lover’ infuse a shade of R&B and is, simply, sublime. It carries an addictive hook and soulful swagger that sets it from the rest. The song bursts out into a fantastic guitar solo to top it all off with.

Now four albums in since 2015, Cold Engines is preparing to release their most ambitious record to date. ‘Kiss My Heart’ (May 2019), sets the bar ever higher.

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