Friends At The Falls proving they’re anthemic rock


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‘Streetlight Kids’ is the first single from New York quintet Friends At The Falls as they prepare to release their latest EP.

Forming in Mahopac, New York, the Alt-Rockers are all about adventure and exploration as the five creative minds come together to make one cohesive sound. A sound that is unique due to all of the memories these contemporaries share.

‘Streetlight Kids’ is an anthemic rock number that shows off Jake Stam’s booming vocals over a Coldplay-esque beat that you could imagine yourself singing from the rooftops.

Couple their uniform love for adventure with a mutual appreciation for artists such as The Killers, Coldplay, and Bruce Springsteen— you’ll get a beautiful thriller, one that has you sprinting up ocean side bluffs one day to playing a show the next.

Comprised of Jake Stam on vocals and rhythm guitar, Matt Montgomery on drums, Don Senese on the keys, Dan Walsh on bass and Nick Gennusa on lead guitar, the band are relaxed and melodic whilst creating something that sounds familiar yet unique.

The EP, ‘Wild In Our Ways’, is set to be released later this summer.

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