Franko Fraize – CloseUp Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight

Franko Fraize receives the Spotlight this week just in time for his massive headline show in London on Thursday, April 4th. Our good pals at CloseUp had a chat with him below:

As you know Frank, we’re such big fans of your tunes, and as you’ve said yourselves it’s a built from the core of your outer London suburbia Thetford, tell us a bit more about how that’s influenced your music?

Growing up in Thetford taught me a lot. it felt like a microcosm of British culture. Every pocket of life in England seems to exist there. It taught me the highs and lows of life and the good and bad and how to try and find a smile regardless of your circumstances

You return to London for your biggest headline yet in April at Notting Hill Arts Club, what should we expect?

Expect a lot of energy! a few new tunes, a few old ones, a bit of a waffle about modern day life and to leave half cut with a smile on your face

Your tunes have been listened to by hundreds of thousands across the world as Spotify informs us, Spotify is now such a big player in the industry, how important do you think it is for emerging acts?

I think its a great way to find a fanbase and a level playing field to release your music alongside the household names. Its destroyed a lot of the old industry set up which has positives and negatives. Its also meant that people are more likely to find your music if they have never heard of you with the ‘related artists’ function. I know I’ve found a lot of new music through it

If you created a FrankoFestival, and could pick 3 headliners, who would you go for?!

J Cole
Tweny One Pilots

Will there be new music for us to hear soon?

Got a new project  coming out late May time with any luck. Its a lot more aggressive than what ive put out so far. Im excited to see what people think of it