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“This band are going places” – The Punk Archive

Leeds based Indie band Fizzy Blood, not only have the best name ever, but have also released Pink Magic on Killing Moon/Alya Records. It’s pretty damn exciting stuff.

Ping Magic is bursting with fizzing fuzzing guitar, simple catchy riffs and a crooning voice. It bounces, it screams, it’s fun.  Fizzy Blood are rather reminiscent of Television, late Arctic Monkeys and History of Apple Pie. They’ve got that fresh, youth feeling to them that came out of Birmingham few years back with Peace and Superfood. The songs don’t out stay their welcome, each enjoyable in their own way. The EP certainly leaves you wanting more and had me bobbing alone as I wrote this review, it must be magic. I’m definitely excited for a full album.

Fizzy BloodYou can find the full EP on Spotify.

Full touring and gig dates can be found on their Facebook page


  • Catchy
  • Enjoyable
  • Fresh sound


  • Limited vocal ranage
  • Could explore different styles

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