Fickle Friends release new single ‘Glue’

Fickle Friends

Catchy, upbeat songs are the whole essence of summer and festivals; they can be the make-or-break factor. Agreed? Fickle Friends offer an enthralling repertoire of tracks that suit these criteria down to the ground.

Having recently returned from a boastfully adventurous tour alongside the ever-amazing band The Kooks, the five-piece indie-pop band hailing from sunny Brighton entails exuberant band members diminishing the meaning of indie and rewriting a perfected script of unprecedented brilliance.

On the 15th of this month, we witnessed the release of ‘Glue’, the latest track from the band that had embarked on over 53 festival gigs throughout two years before even getting signed.

The most prominent feature that protrudes from this uniquely-devised masterpiece is Natassja Shiner’s effortlessly sleek vocals; having seen them supporting The Kooks myself, I can verify that they are just as flawless on stage as they are in the recording booth, if not better.

Each member plays a vital part in making this pristine band remain so within this new release. Whether you are more bewitched by the guitar and bass (courtesy of Chris Hall and Harry Herrington) or it’s more the drums and keyboards that tickle your fancy (courtesy of Sam Morris and Jack Wilson), all the elements combined create this stunning piece of music that’s fit for any kind of party, or just more reason to grab a ticket to see them on their tour later this year.

The anthemic vibe radiating from the track makes it so satisfying to listen to; you could definitely add this to any mood-lifting playlist, without a doubt. This is the kind of song that you might hear in the more pop-y tents at festivals, yet is has somehow managed to retain its vital indie component – for all you guys out there who wants to stay true to their taste, and maybe stray from bands out of your comfort zone, there’s no need to worry about Fickle Friends tainting your image with anything other than the grateful demeanor of discovering them this early along the line of their career as musicians.

I can’t praise this band enough for their shimmering vocals and infectious tunes and lyrics, I just suggest you book a gig of theirs so you don’t miss out on a valuable experience. If not, you can always catch ‘em at Reading and Leeds festivals this year, just to mention one of the big ones.


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