False Heads’ Latest EP ‘Less is Better’

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Dark and dirty, False head’s latest EP ‘less is better’ is the embodiment of modern grunge.

Kicking off the EP with slaves-esque rhythm guitar is opening track ‘yellow’. Melting into a moody melody part, heavy vocals give the song even more of a punk feel. The constant polarity between conflicting rhythm and melody parts, brought together by an anthemic chorus of pithy vocals and effectively simplistic lyrics.

Second addition to False Head’s EP, ‘Retina’ brings with it a much darker feel and a distinctive bass part that really defines the track. Echoing guitar notes decorate the funk-rock vibe that the bass and drum combo bring, while rasping vocals throw the track back to the noughties with Alien Ant Farm vibes.

‘Help yourself’ explodes into an high octane opening, mellowing into steady drumbeats and an infectious bass part. The verse tempers moody, nonchalant vocals with the high energy guitar parts of the chorus. A grating rhythm part surfaces into a climatic whistle-tone instrumental, closing the track with a high-energy finish.

The grand finale comes in the form of final track ‘wrap up’. A quick fire, bassy melody part opens the track, Echoing the iconic riffs of Royal Blood. Fitting with the theme of the EP, a stand-alone bass part follows through a perfect match for the acidic vocals that feature throughout. The verse breaks, falling into a heavy, unremitting chorus.

It’s rare you find a track that has such well produced bass parts in the spotlight, let alone an entire EP of them. Epitomising all the best parts of modern-punk, grunge and rock, False Heads’ ‘Less is Better’ is well worth a listen.


  • Great bass lines
  • Explosive sound


  • Mediocre lyricism


Brilliantly executed EP with a lot on show; dirty vocals, explosive guitar melodies, driving rhythm parts and infectious bass-lines. Short but sweet.

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