Fabian Jack create new disco and dance take on conventional indie pop


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Rock band Fabian Jack has released his latest single ‘Purpose’ which is about adventure, and “leaving nothing left undiscovered”.

The London-based five-piece are creating a new wave on indie pop/rock with the correct dosages of disco, dance, dub and eighties pop. Think The 1975 married to Queens of the Stone Age, having a fling with Vampire weekend and you can start to build a picture of the live band who are full of energy and stage presence.

The new cut is a motivating and positive song and should get you pumped and feeling good. Their aim is to gain your attention, whether it’s the slightest head bob or joining them up on stage, like what you see in their music video for their track ‘Purpose’.

The band is fronted by Beni Pri (Vocals), big sister Piera (Keys & Vocals), JP Robinson (Guitar), Chris Longhurst (Bass) and John Davies (Drums). Each member in Fabian Jack shares a silly sense of humour which is evident in their shows. However, don’t be fooled by their lust for inflatables and glow sticks.

This band know when to cut away, pare down, sit back when necessary, and then turn it up for maximum impact at the right moment.

Watch the music video below and give it an ICM Rating out of 10.