Energetic trio Meyru blend low-key indie sounds


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Energetic Indie-Rock trio Meyru has released a refreshingly captivating single entitled ‘Something I Like’.

It follows their first single ‘Running Day Dreams’, ahead of their forthcoming album ‘Good To See You’, which is set to be released in the summer.

Meyru stays true to their low-key indie sound whilst simultaneously projecting an energetic track with killer drums and riotous guitar interludes.

Paired expertly with the raspy vocals likened to Kurt Cobain and intriguing catchy lyrics similar to The Cars, the single alludes to the enamouring talent of Meyru and in turn, delivers a promising precedent as we wait for their forthcoming album to be released.

The track confidently builds and delivers and transports us to the familiar sounds of early 2000’s indie rock which Meyru effortlessly brings to life.

The band explain that ‘Something I Like’ is a “song we wrote after a long weekend of partying in Montreal with our friends that lived there at the time. On the surface, the song is about driving through the night to make it back to NYC in time for our day jobs at 9am.

“But the song really describes trying to shake the comedown of a weekend high as well as the feelings you have for a person after just a few nights all while trying to stay awake at the wheel and make it back to the real world.”

You can listen to the song below and rate it out of 10 via the ICM Hub.