Eliza and The Bear and their funk-fueled single ‘Higher’

eliza and the bear

‘Higher’; the funk-fueled return from the London-based five-piece.

Police cuts. Donald Trump. Brexit. Theresa May. The new Toblerone bars. All changes are controversial and Eliza and The Bear’s latest single is just another one to add to the list.

The new track is distinctly and indisputably different to anything that featured on their debut album – it’s almost as if the band was pummeled by a powerful sense of pop in the form of Bruno Mars. A heavy array of brass instruments are featured in the chorus which certainly provides it with a hefty upbeat summer vibe but it undeniably differs from the more acoustic mood we’re used to from the lads.

On the topic of similarities, ‘Higher’ evidently features some The 1975-esque riffs, this is majorly succeeding the initial chorus. However, some of the funk riffs displayed throughout are arguably similar to that of The 1975’s more funky tracks on their sophomore album (e.g. ‘UGH!’).

Funk bass riffs with a dash of disco and simplistic hip-hop beats are what permeates the track; they blast an immense amount of energy at your face whilst urging you to get up and bust a move (even through the slightly vocoded bridge).

In its own right, the new single is a positive fusion of indie-pop and contemporary funk and is perfect for the sensational summer ahead. Nonetheless, it is on a completely different planet to what we’d categorise as an Eliza and the Bear record. which is why the overall sound of the new single comes as such a shock. Will this be the new album sound for Eliza and The Bear? Have they made the right change?

Eliza and The Bear are set to perform two intimate shows, one at Manchester Soup Kitchen (21st June) and one at Camden Assembly Hall (22nd June), both of which are now sold out but it will definitely be interesting to see what other new music the boys have to offer.

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