EKKAH – CloseUp Artist Spotlight


EKKAH are a disco inspired powerhouse duo currently residing in the heart of East London. The pair, Rebekah and Bex are the 21st centuries answer to Hall and Oates; combing a full on flavour of some of our guilty pleasure dance tracks of all eras rolled into an infectious Indie-fusion. The duo are currently set to house a sold out Notting Hill Arts Club with The New Coast supporting ahead of their recently released single ‘Backseat Driver’. Our pal at CloseUp grabbed them for a quick chat before their massive headline show.

After a little gap of not releasing, you’ve come back strong with singles ‘Homesick’ & ‘Just a Thing’, are you happy to be back releasing/playing live?
Of course! That is what we love to do. We have missed being on stage whilst we have been away writing and planning our releases for this year. We are excited to feel the buzz of performing again, there’s nothing better!
You head to LDN to play for CLOSEUP next month, are hometown shows your favourite or do you prefer being out on the road?
Being on the road is really fun and also we love to travel to new places and meet people from all over the world, but there is something special about performing in London and especially at venues like Notting Hill Arts club. We have performed there many times and it has a great vibe. It has a place in our hearts for sure!
What should we expect from your live show?!
We have changed the live set up quite a bit, it’s a lot more dance focussed and we’re effectively taking our home studio that we use to write and record with and whacking it on stage! There will be some pure vibes, we’re very excited about it.
Your tunes have been listened to by millions across the world your Spotify informs us, Spotify is now such a big player in the industry, how important do you think it is for upcoming acts?
Spotify is queen right now, literally one of the most important tools out there for all artists. For upcoming artists, it helps to spread your music through playlists and gives a huge platform that just wasn’t around years ago. It’s an exciting time with the way things are changing.
Finally, we’ve been big fans of you at CLOSEUP & ICM for some time, and we can’t wait for even MORE new music, what’s the latest you can tell us?
We have a new single coming out on the 17th of April! It’s one of our favourite songs with a nod to Last Chance to Dance in terms of the sound. We’ll be playing it at the show so you can all have a dance to it.