Best Singles From July

Best Singles From July

1. The Maccabees – Spit It Out

Maccabees third single released before the official release of their fourth album ‘Marks To Prove It’ on the 31st. The five-minute song takes a while to get into the distorted guitar licks is a really late epiphany to come to, but distorted guitars, when you just strum them they sound great. And combined with the echoing of the piano playing on a soft note sounds great.

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2. Sunset Sons – She Wants

Sunset Sons are four friends, Rory, Jed, Rob and Pete, who are based in the French town of Hossegor. Their indie rock sounds have become increasingly popular in the UK. This includes being featured on XFM and BBC Radio 1 as Track of The Day. They have great energy around them, sharing their good vibes in their music; like in ‘She Wants’- a funky groove with an impossibly catchy melody, it’s set to be the breakthrough hit of the summer.You can see them play at Kendal Calling, Broadmasters and Reading and Leeds festival this year.

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3. Foals – Mountain At My Gates

As their fourth album is less than a month away and their second single released for the album is a complete stunner. After being announced as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record’ it feels like Foals are stepping into the light once again with another classy album. ‘Mountain at My Gates’ is a lively, catchy song, representing all that I love about Foals’ music. After what was a very successful third album ‘Holy Fire’, gives me the hope that Foals have carried on their success.

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4. Swim Deep – Grand Affection

Birmingham’s indie pop quartet Swim Deep consists of Austin Williams, Tom Higgins, Zachary Robinson, Cavan McCarthy and James Balmont. With their new single ‘Grand Affection’ is anchored around a bulky, synth beat with a echoed riffs and bass lines floating across, just like Austin William’s vocals do. All of the different blends of beats and synths work extremely well together to create synths and sparkling melodies. Whilst getting some inspiration from “listening to Temporary Secretary off McCartney II and Kraftwerk for days which is where the riffs came from.”

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5. Spector – Stay High

Spector are an indie rock four-piece from London composed by Frederick Macpherson. The man’s deep voice creates a unique feel to their music. Their latest single ‘Stay High’ continues their raw commentary on modern relationships as Macpherson sings about the ways that we show our love. With an infectious opening riff and a catchy, surging chorus that is Spector’s trademark. The fifth taster of their new material definitely feels ready to be heard live. Catch them at Reading and Leeds festivals or on their UK tour in October.

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