Discover vintage punk rock from Lenny Bull


Canadian frontwoman Lenny Bull gives out an honest, witty insight to her musings with the release of ‘Don’t Talk About It’.

Hailing from Toronto, Bull’s timeless songwriting is inspired by her early punk records from the 70s and 80s and then gives that vintage sound a vibrant twist.

Her music has an innately retro feel, laced with chorusy guitar hooks, punchy drum fills and driving bass lines. Sometimes mischievous, sometimes provocative, sometimes humorous, her songs dive into relationships, getting over yourself, and not taking any bullsh*t.

Lenny Bull has now released two singles ahead of her upcoming debut EP ‘Sharp Teeth’. She starting by releasing a vibrant video for ‘Don’t Talk About It’. It has an innately retro feel which has the song’s feel mirrored in the visuals.

Check it out below.

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