Discover vibrant and visual artist CLARA-NOVA


French-American alt-pop musician and visual artist CLARA-NOVA is back with her recent release, ‘Free’.

The track follows a remix of her song ‘Electric’ by Penguin Prison, which was given a vibrant renewing from the original song which was released back in 2018 on her EP, ‘The Golden Age’.

The track ‘Free’ expertly showcases CLARA-NOVA’s impressive vocals and allows them to glow. The nostalgia-laced lyrics and hazy soundscape combine with each other to produce a genre-defying, soaring track. It secures her position as a passionate artist whose modern-day production values meets the authenticity and emotion of rock and roll which provides us with track-after-track of infectiously good music.

CLARA-NOVA’s music, in particular, the rich vocals are reminiscent of artists like Sam Valdex, flor and Broods, however, the tracks all have their own reviving energy which sets them apart from other artists to produce a fresh sound for CLARA-NOVA. Furthermore, she intertwines her music with her visual art and is currently preparing a multi-disciplinary installation in her hometown of Los Angeles which expands on and visually celebrates her song-writing and lyrics.