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Trickster Guru

Trickster Guru has released a new EP, we find out what it’s all about.

‘Act I: The Problem Chid’ isn’t Trickster Gurus First EP, despite this, you probably still haven’t heard of them. The band re-launched in early 2014, but now is the perfect time to get to know them.

Trickster Guru is an alternative rock and electronic band, comprising of three members, Christopher Caplan, Dylan Fenley, Jason Aguja. The blend of genres makes for an interesting sound, one that I like a lot in ‘Feel the Spirit’, the song sounds like it has potential to be a popular song. This track was inspired by a near fatal car crash, the band says ‘Feel the Spirit’ “reflects the spiritual seeking and psychedelic culture of Los Angeles while addressing, through its narrative, the heart-breaking realism of the city.”

Personaly I’m not a fan of headline song, ‘Problem Child’. The vocals, are not to my taste, possibly because I’m not a fan of American vocalists, but Caplan’s voice seems flawed to me in this song.

Overall Trickster Guru beautifully fuses vintage rock and soul with the excitement and innovation of modern electronic synth. The band says they have influences from Skrillex, this has not been pushed through to the songs, but perhaps that is a good thing.

Following the “Problem Child” EP release show at “It’s a School Night”, and recent performances at The Satellite, The Study and KCRW’s Summer Nights, Trickster Guru continues to organically gain a fan base. Have a Listen to their latest EP here!


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