Wardrobe – uptempo Indie from the Belgian musician


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Belgian indie musician Wardrobe has released his latest single ’24 weeks’ ahead of his forthcoming album.

Known as Johan Verckist to friends and family, the mastermind behind the project will be releasing his sophomore album, ’Giving Up A Ghost’ (produced by Bart Vincent), in March next year.

’24 weeks’ is an uptempo song about chasing delusional daydreams. Verckist commented: “Somebody said it sounded like if Mark Linkous played a Bowie song with The Flaming Lips as a backing band. I thought that was nice.”

His debut album, ‘Crawling’ stimulated the band to re-enter the studio for album number two when after playing the album live, the songs became catchier and its sound changed.

The new album ‘Giving Up A Ghost’, is the result of Wardrobe growing to a more mature sound through their live shows. As a result, the album has more musical layers in that add up to a catchier sound.

The album will come out in March on Dutch indie label Dox Records.

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