Discover post-punk bangers with The Ringards


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Frequently I find that many bands are quite one note. Playing a variation on the same song over and over (See: The 1975). This comes with it’s ups and downs, if you like their style then you’ll like everything, but even fans can get bored of this. So when a band like The Ringards come up displaying an ability to have some variation in their style within three releases you know to be excited.

The Ringards are a trio of London indie rockers ready to burst through the scene with passion. They formed back in 2017 and didn’t start officially releasing music until 2018. Debut single ‘Trouble’ feels like the lovechild of the post-punk sensibilities of Joy Division with Radiohead’s heavier side. The fuzzy but steady riffs sit under mellow vocals create a grungy daydream to totally zone out to. 2018 saw The Ringards release their second single ‘Steppenwolf’, it follows the similar grunge vibe that ‘Trouble’ displayed but with a more refined post-punk feel. ‘Steppenwolf’ creates a tension that feels entirely all-encompasing, a good form of claustrophobia.

Their latest single released earlier this month ‘Glasgow Television’ leans far more into the punk vibe they’ve been holding back. It’s tonally similar to that of Cabbage or Lice. Art-punk in full force as it takes a socio-political stance. ‘Glasgow Television’ takes its stand, encouraging listeners to do the same. A fight for revolution, a furious protest backed by fuzzed out messy guitar, followed by shouting vocals that just make you want to learn every lyric to sing along to it.

There’s potential for big things from The Ringards. There’s no doubt we’ll see a tonne of variation from them, and maybe even some festival slots soon. Listen to The Ringards below:

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