Timi Temple – Pure Infectiousness


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Discover ‘2pm for Breakfast’ from Aussie musician Timi Temple; the latest foray into deep lyrics intertwined with infectious cheekiness.

Now for those of you who listen to our ICM Discoveries playlist, you will have almost certainly stumbled across his previous heavy electronic-tinged psychedelic rock single ‘Young Man, Old Boy’.

The Sydney local’s latest number is inspired by the creative lifestyle, where waking hours vary, and routine breakfast times are non-existent. Whilst this song is riff infested and upbeat, Timi Temple delivers some political insight into our modern world of capitalism and obsession with wealth.

Whilst blending electronic, psychedelic and indie surf, Timi’s unique splendour and DIY approach is so god damn infectious; the electrifying guitar riffs and the venomous beat is playful and energetic.

‘2pm for Breakfast is the first single off his upcoming EP titled ‘Phuzz Boy’ which is expected for late November.