Art and Music – the diverse musician


Kasey Jones is an independent songwriter and musician with a really unique feel. Releasing content under the name Art and Music, his music is inspired by genres as diverse as rock, pop and more.

His homegrown productions are organic, warm and intuitive, reflecting the artist’s ability to create convincing, poignant performances for listeners to relate to.

This has lead to the artist’s debut album ‘What’s the Point’, a DIY indie album recently released by Jones’s self-run and independent label, KLB International Publishing. It is a lone-wolf effort of Jones, who has written, played, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered almost the entire album by himself. The album was created in his living room on limited audio gear and an old iMac.

Inspired by the intimacy of folk and the grit of indie rock, Kasey’s work tips the hat off to artists as diverse as the Beatles, Elliott Smith or Wilco, making for a remarkably eclectic approach. His LP is a truly unique creative approach with a driven, diverse and forward-thinking artist at the helm.

One of the most exciting things about Art and Music is that Jones can exercise full creative control over every stage of the music-making experience, from conception to fruition.

Check out the hit single taken from the album ‘Oh My Oh My’.


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