Bonnie – Indie Rock or Indie Pop


Locked in his room for 3 days straight with the 80’s classic movie Say Anything on loop, the brand new and faceless artist Bonnie wrote, recorded, and produced the powerful, emotional anthem ‘My First American Heartbreak.’

The track is a very powerful and emotional anthem that uses the cliche of young lovers in a small town romance as a metaphor for the patriotic ideas that seemed to crumble during the presidential election.

The story told in the song begins with two young lovers in the backseat of a car, alone in a field, telling secrets and holding one another under a clear night sky. Its textbook romantic comedy writing. But as the story progresses, things fall apart, and the anthemic chorus begins to make sense.

Bonnie’s unusual process in writing this song may be the reason it ended up taking the sonic and thematic shape it did. Locked away in his room for three days with no phone or internet but armed with the 80’s movie Say Anything, Bonnie got to work to create something that was sweet and happy, something nostalgic and comfy.

“I fell asleep and woke up to that movie for three days straight, I wanted to jump through the screen into that world,” he said. “I was just sort of writing the story of falling in love at 16, but then I guess I let the truth through a little bit, and after that, it was like the floodgates opened.”

Featured image by Mollie Yates

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