Discover: Sibling – Westside


‘Westside’ – An effortlessly slick, purely individual track from Californian duo Sibling.

A relaxed evening atmosphere resonates from the beginning notes, a slightly anti-climatic intro slips into the atmospheric sound of stripped back vocals. Beautifully uncomplicated but sophisticated all the same. Breezily Nonchalant; the sort of song that could pacify any bad mood.

The fusion of subtle, underemphasised drumbeats, with an illusion of computer generated sounds and sweet-toned vocals give this track a smooth, slightly elusive feel.

Mellow and compellingly unprecedented, its hard to put your finger on the genre of Sibling. Similar to The 1975’s more stripped back work because of the track’s laid back feel and undeniably ethereal vocals.

Slightly subdued vibes and breezy harmonies are comparable to the understated music of daughter, except Sibling have taken this harmonious sound and injected a buoyancy into the song, giving them that individualistic edge that sets ‘Westside’ out from the crowd.

Chilled Indie-pop at it’s best: mellow, mood boosting and entirely effortless.

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