Discover new atmospheric rock quartet Liars Teeth


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Atmospheric rockers Liars Teeth have released the first single ‘Night Blooms’ for their soon to be released EP.

The four-piece based in London were born out of a dingy warehouse with a sound that straddles the line between catchy and experimental.

Recording their debut EP, Disorder, at the Russell Keeble Music Recording Studio in the capital, Liars Teeth’s Corgan-esque walls of fuzz coupled with a tonal wash in the vein of Interpol and Pixies…fused together with the sheer power of Soundgarden.

The catchy hook and powerful rhythm section reels you in with the layering of lush soundscapes which really to take you somewhere else.

Have a listen to ‘Night Blooms’ below and leave an ICM Rating out of 10!