Discover garage-surf rock inspired quartet Colatura


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New York City quartet Colatura have shared their new 60s inspired garage pop-rock single ‘Lying’.

The band first game together when an indie rock guitarist who had been playing in the Brooklyn DIY scene met a former child opera singer and classically trained pianist. What they discovered was they discovered that they had unexpected, killer musical chemistry.

Digo Degorio and Jennica Best first met in a restaurant both individually unclear on the direction they were headed musically and discovered that their musical backgrounds had a lot to offer each other.

Now the female-fronted quartet started to write music together (with Meredith (Synth/Guitar/Vocals) and Victor (Drums) and bring their wonderful influences of classical to 60s garage rock, to new wave and surf rock with them.

The latest effort, ‘Lying’, is arguably their most confident and refined single to date. Already their most listened song on Spotify, Colatura capture the energetic rhythmics and fine-tuned instrumental layering from the guitars. It’s certainly set up to be a future indie anthem.

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