Discover: Fialta – Be Someone


Happy-go-lucky, sunny vibes direct from California with new indie-pop group Fialta.

Upbeat optimism radiates from debut track ‘Be someone’.  Immediately grabbing your attention with an overconfident and intoxicatingly smooth guitar lead. Followed by a silver-toned rolling drumbeat that smashes through the intro. Simplistic, breezy lyrics teamed with harmonious vocals pursued by unusually peachy bass notes.

Energetic instrumentals surfacing throughout; mid-song grungy guitar riffs and high-octane drumming are what give this track the edge.

Not exactly a boundary pusher, but Fialta create a sound that makes for very easy listening, sharing the same intoxicating buoyancy as bands such as MGMT and Passion Pit; a sound that is comparable to the likes of The Neighbourhood and Bad Suns.

‘Be someone’ is a must-have for next year’s summer playlist, and is a definite mood booster for those mid-November winter blues

Undeniably polished and infectiously feel-good, this track is a bad mood cure. A song you wish you had discovered months earlier because of its summery, festival vibes.

Be someone and give them a listen.

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