Discover cool electro rock from Glasgow’s Slouch


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Returning in incredible fashion with their first release of the year, Slouch certainly aren’t the couch potatoes in the room.

The Glaswegian six-piece only formed in early 2018 and have been growing a strong hometown fanbase. ‘In Your Mind’ is a track that blends indie swagger and electronic instrumentation.

Comprised of Paul Burnett – Vocals, Mark Hunter – Guitar, Daniel MacRae – Guitar, Ryan Smith – The Bass, Connor Lovett – Synth and Div Anderson – Drums, Slouch’s rock blended with modern day electronica promises big riffs and bellowing synth beats. 

Lyrically the single deals with the uncertainty and paranoia borne out of a lack of communication in a relationship. Musically ‘In Your Mind’ uses the prominent guitar and synth lines to produce the band’s own version of new wave alternative rock.

Talking about the single on Tenement TV, Slouch said: “The writing process starts with an idea or riff and is built up in the studio. Burnett will then add melody and ideas and lyrics. We then started playing the track live at the end of last year. It went down well and from there we worked out extra parts and finalised the arrangement.

“For the recording process, we went down to St Helens for a weekend and recorded with Ady and Less from production duo Sugar House at Catalyst Studios. They were really great and made a huge difference to the single.”