Discover: BATS release music video for single ‘Beirut’

BATS - Beirut

Perth alt-rockers BATS have released a music video for their mosh-heavy single ‘Beirut’.

Having successfully launched their debut EP in 2016, BATS have been in the studio crafting out a masterful albeit heavy album set for release in October 2017, ‘Truthless Faithless’.

The third single from that album, ‘Beirut’ is a swirl odd stoned energy made up of guitar, bass, drums and vocals awash in distortion, reverb and emotion alike. BATS have a vibe of neo-psychedelia which is dynamic and flows soulfully alongside the crashing rock ‘n’ roll style.

Speaking about the music video, Tim Hamzah said: “There is a strong social commentary behind the themes of the clip although I tried hard to maintain a sense of humour, because if you can’t laugh at some things the world gets a bit much.

“Sprung from ideas and my dabbling in the world of digital art, I have introduced a set of characters symbolising the crazy world we live in.

“With characters such as “kid who’s seen too much” (the death of innocence), “bikini girl with machine gun head” (sex and violence sells) to “the dancing cams” (SERIOUSLY THERE ARE CAMERAS EVERYWHERE gimme that tinfoil hat!) and “female student in bondage” (the current climate on gender equality). I guess it’s my interpretation on Michael’s lyrics.”

The members of BATS are Michael Paver, Jozef Grech, Pete Acklin, Tim Stacey, and Tim Hamzah.

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