Discover alt funk and disco rock of T-Shirt Dream Party


Created by two brothers, emerging indie-alt rock outfit T-shirt Dream Party (cool name right) release new single ‘Bookends (Sunrise)’.

The Manchester quartet broke through the ranks as notorious mould breakers at church. Moulding syncopated disco beats and ten minute guitar solos put some funk into services until the priest kicked them out and told them to never return because he preferred heavy metal and nine minute solos. Not exactly something you’d expect a priest to say.

Whilst searching for a new stage, Ben and Dan Dickson with lifelong friends Eggs (David Egbe) and Sam Powell – collectively known as Green Eggs and Sam, have managed to spread their funk and melodic nous throughout the city.

‘Bookends (Sunrise)’ has a sinister tone to is from the backing vocals and guitars but also has a hard-hitting and anthemic feel. Recording with well-known producers Sugar House, T-shirt Dream Party have given listeners an experience of different sides to their music.