Discover 80s indie pop from Rees Finley


Columbus singer and songwriter Rees Finley shares ‘I Belong Beside You’ taken from the musician’s debut album.

Now based in Los Angeles, Finley released A Tale Told By An Idiot at the end of last month which ranged from 80’s style synth pop, to retro-motown funk to overdriven alt-rock.

Rees Finley has developed a loyal following since the release of his debut EP, Songs 1-5 in the summer of 2017; often within the span of 3 minutes and 30 seconds of gripping guitar rock.

Though Finley’s records vary widely in terms of genre, fans and critics alike have noted the consistent quality of his songcraft; always melodic, frequently neurotic, and simultaneously sarcastic and sentimental. He will be supporting ‘A Tale Told By An Idiot’ with east coast tour dates in July and August.

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