D’Haze – Dirty fuzzy guitar that’ll slap you in the face


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It doesn’t get newer or more Indie then these guys. Actual students based in London with one single out that was produced by mates. BIMM students, Hazel Smith, Kevin Siou, Marcus Kerzzey, and William Wahlberg formed D’Haze back in February of this year.

They sound pretty darn promising.

Single ‘Stranger’ is a trap. It lures you in with an innocent, almost whimsical guitar riff, you’re listening, you’re curious where this lovely little tune is going, and WHAM dirty fuzzing guitar has slapped you in the face. It’s a very simple but powerful riff which gets to really scream later on. The verses continue with a much lighter, jangly tune with snippets of electronics going off in the background. Its bouncing and catchy, but with a deep rumbling bass which reminds you that things are not what they seem. You know the songs about to explode but you don’t know when. It leaves you wanting more.

According to the NME, we should expect an EP by Spring next year. Fingers crossed.

Featured image by Lena Villari