Digging for Apples contain ‘feel-good indie rock’


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Speaking of the heartache, setbacks and realities of living in two different worlds, Digging for Apples have released ‘Empty Fool’. The song illustrates the luscious landscape of New Zealand being washed away and replaced with the raw and gritty urban-kingdom of Manchester.

The single layers a feel-good soundtrack familiar with indie-rock alongside peaks of heavier soul inspired sounds. The soothing vocals pair with the building soundscape which makes for a rich track that delivers a punch. Digging for Apples have coined their music as “Feel-good Indie Rock to keep the doctor away” which frankly describes them perfectly. The track transports you to right beside singer-songwriter Shane Robertson’s travelling adventures which makes it the perfect track to accompany your own summer travels.

Digging for Apples have released a visually-spectacular music video for the song which you can watch below.