Delagoon feature screaming guitars on a solid rock foundation


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Stockholm-based band Delagoon share single ‘Gum’ taken from their debut album which was released last month.

The indie rock quartet returned to their nest after a long detour through Berlin, Wroclaw, Krakow, Prague and Gothenburg to put their heads down and record the self-titled LP.

The album breaks down walls between subcultures and mixes new sounds in the darkest corners of the filthiest bars in Stockholm. As a result, its screaming guitars and vocals on a rock solid foundation of crashing drums and rolling bass is divine.

“Some call the album 60s rock, others say it´s pop and the posters say post-punk. But as a wise man once said, a masterpiece needs no label, and Delagoon´s groundbreaking record is the best debut album since Appetite for Destruction,” said the band.

The single ‘Gum’ starts with a rock ballad before the sexy post-punk attitudes kick into action. The dark and messy, yet polished sound has made Delagoon the name on everyone’s lips.

Listen to ‘Gum’, taken from their debut album now.

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