Discover fruitful rock from Declan Welsh and the Decadent West


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Glaswegian boy Declan Welsh, and his band The Decadent West, return with a new single ‘Different Strokes’.

This year the quartet plans to release a debut album after a fruitful couple of years building their fanbase in Scotland. And since the release of their debut EP All My Dreams Are Dull, they have seen plenty of support from the BBC as well as a stacking amount of sold-out shows.

The new song, ‘Different Strokes’, was directly inspired by Declan’s trip to Palestine (as part of a yearly cultural exchange). While attending a wall protest, he was tear gassed by bored teenage IDF soldiers and was shook by the calmness of children who had become used to this regular occurrence.

Filled with poetic lyricism and nihilistic rock tunes, Declan Welsh has made his presence known. He’s also performed poetry in front of 5,000 people in Glasgow’s George Square as part of the stand up to racism march and is on the board for children’s charity Children in Scotland.

The band are about to head on a UK Tour in June, to see dates and tickets head to their website here.

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