Dantevilles take indie rock sound in new direction


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Manchester quartet Dantevilles return with new single ‘Confession’ as they take their music to a new direction.

They bring a nostalgic 80s sound with a powerful mix of electric powerful melody and intricate guitar. The outro shows newfound experimental aspects where they tried to replicate a 1950s dictaphone.

The song itself reflects on the feeling we all get when we do something wrong.

The band said: “We wanted to express our personality through our music. This EP is us as a four-piece producing music as we’d like it to sound.”

Huw Stephens has championed their two previous singles on BBC Radio 1 including ‘Welcome to the Theatre’ which showcases exactly why they have come so far in the past year. Honing in on a darker, and more visceral sound, it is the perfect example of the exuberant new side to the band, previously unseen.

From the theatrical vocal delivery ‘Soundscape’ to the Samba style fervour of the drum patterns in ‘Save me a Dance’ with the grand finale that is the boldly atmospheric and lead single ‘Confession’.

Go on, give ‘Confession’ a listen and rate it out of 10.