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One of the hottest new bands around, RedFaces released their new single ‘Wise Up’ later last week with their sheer energy and upbeat rhythms is spreading like wildfire across the UK. We catch up with the lads as they prepare themselves for the summer festival season. RedFaces will be performing at Community Festival (July 1st).

You recently released your track, ‘Wise Up’. Having seen you live many times, we know you have a plethora of tracks, so, what is it about ‘Wise Up’ that made you release it?

It just felt like the right step after “Kerosene” our debut single. It’s a high energy, upbeat and hopefully more catchy song than Kerosene and with having “Katie come home” and “Kerosene” out online “Wise Up” fits in well with those two.

You’re having an incredible year, and with the continual backing from RCA, have you sat down yet and started working on an album?

We haven’t really sorted tracks for the album yet but we love the current set we play live. It’s too early to tell what tracks we’d use for an album. We’re only on our second single so we are just taking it as it comes and enjoying touring each song we release. Songs are being written all the time so we might have more songs to come that’ll be released in some shape or form.

You seem to be hitting up every festival going, 2Q, Live At Leeds, The Great Escape, Dot To Dot and now Community. How important is it for a band to get out there and in front of a crowd?

We love festival season. When you can get the right festivals with great crowds it really helps you push your name forward, especially when you’ve got a single to promote. People think that the bigger the festival the better but we’ve found a few smaller stages we’ve played on this year have been the best. We played a tiny room in Manchester at Dot to Dot and it was boiling and we packed it out and was one of our favourites of the summer so far.

There is no doubt that you are still relatively young compared to other bands at your level. Is this a hurdle to get over or simply something that makes you stand out?

We don’t tend to think of it too much to be honest. We try not to make a thing of it and we hope people just enjoy our music before anything else.

When you saw the line-up for Community Festival, what was your reaction to being able to grace the same stage as some of the other bands?

We were pretty speechless to start because we got told after a grey gig in Glasgow on a Monday night, it wasn’t till we were on the way home that started to sink in. We got told a while ago and it has seemed like a massive wait till July 1st but the closer it gets the more excited we are. We’re very grateful the opportunity to play along such big artists and hope we don’t disappoint.

At festivals, bands often have to leave straight after their set to get to their next live performance. Although with that line-up surely you might hang about and catch some sets. If so, who? And Why?

We can hang around at community because we haven’t got anything the next day. We will probably stay all day but we are looking forward to Slaves, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Nothing But Thieves and The Wombats because none of us have seen them before.

Going on the point of hitting up the festivals, which other summer gigs have you got lined up? Any that you are particularly excited about?

We have Isle of Wight which will be great because we’ve never been or played and have heard good things about it. It’s a huge line up too. We’ve got Kendall Calling, Hardwick live and lots of others in the pipeline.

In recent weeks, many musicians have spoken about the general election. What are your opinions on music and politics over lapping?

I think it’s important for Bands to talk about these sort of issues and it’s a great way to get your opinions across. Indie music has always had politically driven acts. VANT and RATBOY seem to be continuing that trend still. We are all into politics and think it’s important that young people are aware of the decisions made that will affect our future and we try and get that across in some of our songs.

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