Cold Reading release three-part concept album ‘ZYT’

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Atmospheric alt rock quintet Cold Reading has released their long-awaited three-part concept album ‘ZYT’.

The band have gone off the beaten path for the realisation of their second album which was released on January 31st. They are essentially stories about quitting and starting, tumbling and getting up, about the wistful look back and the hopeful vision of things to come.

In the form of a concept album, Cold Reading explore the subject of time both musically and lyrically, whilst trying to approach this elusive concept from different perspectives. The album consists of three EPs – Past Perfect, Present Tense and Future Continuous, dealing with the past, the present and the future, respectively.

The human tendency to glorify the past and mourn missed opportunities is at the centre of ‘Past Perfect’. The strong sense of romantic melancholy that accompanies remembering is captured by Cold Reading on their first EP, where they tell tales about melancholy and nostalgia wrapped in powerful and expressive compositions.

It includes the band’s first single for ZYT called ‘Through The Woods Pt.1;’ a powerful and intense song that has you hooked before the first verse begins. It’s opening riffs follows a fragile verse and atmospheric synthesizers with subtle guitar lines.

The retrospection was retained tonally by recording all tracks with analogue devices and instruments. This consistent step gives the Past Perfect EP an unmistakable old-school touch. The raw, yet accessible songs draw from the sound of the late 90s/early 2000s Emo/Post-Hardcore movement, forming a seamless transition from the Sojourner EP.

Cold Reading

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The second EP, Present Tense is thoroughly anchored in the present. Inspired by a Buddhist quote, it is first and foremost about the goal of living in the moment and the resulting difficulty to find a reasonable approach to the past and the future. The EP’s theme is yet again mirrored in the production choices: The classical instrumentation of Cold Reading is complemented by elements such as digital synthesizers, loops or samples, which complete the four contemplative pieces.

Compositional depth and a broad palette of timbres characterize the multi-faceted songs, which compared to the previous EP take more inspiration from contemporary Indie and Pop sounds, oscillating between patient restraint and sudden buoyancy.

Future Continuous marks the conclusion of the trilogy. The future lies before us like an unexplored vista, which not only spreads uncertainty but also raises hope. The final EP deals with this view into the distance and outlines possible upcoming scenarios. The dichotomy of this mood is reflected in the bittersweet tunes, which Future Continuous marks the conclusion of the trilogy.

It includes latest single ‘Tree Diagram’ combines influences from Dream Pop, Post-Rock and Indie which pulls the listener in with its unconventional arrangement and direct, expressive lyrics: “The future starts with your decision / Is it good or is it bad? / How could we ever know?”

The EP as a whole employs the aesthetics of the more atmospheric corners of the musical landscape and increasingly incorporate elements from Post-Rock and Electronica.

With this trilogy, Cold Reading create a multi-layered work that goes beyond a conventional album in terms of depth and storytelling and will appeal to all of the listeners’ senses. Listen to ZYT in full and check out imminent live shows below.

10/02 – Gängeviertel, Hamburg, Germany
12/02 – Rosenkeller, Jena, Germany
13/02 – 1019 Jazzclub, Wien, Austria
15/02 – Oxil, Zofingen, Switzerland
07/03 – Konzerthaus Schüür, Luzern, Switzerland (Release Show)
More dates TBC


In the form of a concept album, Cold Reading explore the subject of time both musically and lyrically, whilst trying to approach this elusive concept from different perspectives.

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