CLOSEUP Artist Spotlight – SØLV

Artist Spotlight

This week’s CLOSEUP Artist Spotlight is Dark Pop, Alt Electro musician SØLV who has a new single ‘Control’ out on Friday.

Sølv, it’s great to catch ya, we’re such big fans of your music as you well know! You return to LDN a show next week at the Camden Assembly, what should we expect?

Thank you! You can expect brooding synths, electronic beats…. and a lot of bass.

Top three songs of yours to play live. and of course, WHY?

I love playing Bittersweet, the last single I released, as it’s just a fun one to play live with all the samples etc. Then I’d say I’m Your Gun, from my first EP Black Ink, because it’s so guitar-based. I have a great guitarist so I love the way it sounds live. Also Down With Your Demons because the last chorus drops hard when my band play it live.

Your tunes have been listened to millions of times across the world as Spotify informs us, Spotify is now such a big player in the industry, how important do you think it is for acts?

I think it’s definitely a super important tool for being heard and finding new fans. I always find it hard trying to make sense of seeing the numbers on a screen. It can be a bit mind-blowing when you start really looking into all the statistics and try to visualise these numbers equating to actual real, living people. It can feel a little disconnected for artists because of that. But it’s so amazing to be able to get your music heard all over the world!

If you created a Sølv Festival, and could pick three headliners, who would you go for?!

Oh wow, that’s very hard to narrow down but I’d have to go with James Blake, Björk and A$AP Rocky. That would be quite eclectic!

Will there be new music for us to hear soon, possibly even next at our show?

Yes, it’s coming very soon…but not at the next show, sadly. However, there might be a little something different added into the mix for this one!