Classic Tuesdays – The Stone Roses

Classic Tuesdays – The Stone Roses

If you’ve ever had the awesome pleasure of walking into a record store, running your fingers through dusty plastic cases and smelling a room full of must while a dude with a beard stares at you longingly, there’s always one album you’re destined to come across

The Stone Roses, a group of Manchester Lads that pioneered a generation with 60’s style guitar pop with an understated 80’s dance beat, The Stones defined the British guitar pop scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The release of their EP Debut album ‘The Stone Roses’ in 1989 saw them become an instant sensation, listened to by the same lads they grew up with in Manchester and circulating around the working man clubs in the South.

The band are the masterminds behind the lyrically perfect ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ and the artistic ‘Fools Good’. An eight minute entourage of the purest of musical journeys that induce was known as a psyched out state. The mystic voices and insane catchy beat has been the theme tune of many summers and will carry on for generations to come.

The group were one of the soul reasons Manchester became the music capital of England, along with Joy division and The Smiths. They were so iconic in their own right. To this day, they have such a mature sound that made your heart melt. Whether you just wanted to chill out or dance the night away, the self-titled EP became the record you wanted and the cassette you needed. They were just cool, and that’s something that you can’t buy. It’s a natural ooze that is breed through hardship and real life experiences.

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