Chernobyl Sunshine Club create weird and diverse alt rock


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Cinematic alt rock band Chernobyl Sunshine Club release new single ‘Birthdayland’, the first of 2019.

The London five-piece are inspired by video game soundtracks and film scores, in a euphoric blend of beats and riffs that unashamedly borrows from rock, metal and jazz and even classical music.

Chernobyl Sunshine Club constantly explore musical avenues to be the weirdest and most diverse band in the capital, if not the UK. ‘Babyland’ carries on their dark playfulness tones, it echoes of Beck, Elbow, The National, The Flaming Lips and Arcade Fire, and comes with a boldness to their quirk that captivates the senses and purges the soul.

The song leads with an immense percussion pattern is unique in its sound. The rolling percussion is the focal point here – there’s a real intensity to what they are trying to portray. Rhythmically, this is a cracking track; the lead singer’s voice clean and glides over the instruments. There’s also a little emotive breakdown torwards the end highlights the quality of the vocalist.

First on the music scene in 2016 Chernobyl Sunshine Club hit the London clubs and recorded their debut single, ‘When Death Was A Boy’ and followed up by single ‘Pelagius’ which earned support from Tom Robinson on BBC 6 music among others.