Chateau Chateau produce jazzed up garage pop


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Birthed in the desert flora and jagged hills of Tuscon, Arizona, Chateau Chateau now release their third single.

The formation of seven began in the cold, dark caverns of an aerospace hanger with nothing but an audience of semi-casual and passerby drunkards making their way to the next door brewhouse.

Building on layers of rocky garage-pop with bouncy drums and electric riffs has gradually made the band equally tightened and raw in sound. The band’s development reached a turning point with the release of their first single, ‘Crisis Party’, in the early summer of 2018. The song would reach encouraging numbers and praise from seemingly anyone that came into contact with it.

Now onto single number three, ‘Driving In Circles’, Chateau Chateau describes those youthful days when just getting in the car with your friends and going for a drive was enough to be happy.

When sitting in silence and watching the saguaros turn into pines was meditation enough to forget the worries of everyday life. The song is a reminder that sometimes it’s okay to let loose, abandon your destination, and go driving in circles.