Catchy and melancholic alt pop from The Habits


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The Habits, an alt-pop duo from San Pedro, California have released ‘Love You’, the first single from their new EP which is set to be released on 14th June.

Comprising of singer and guitarist Wolf Bradley and drummer Andrew Macatrao, The Habits effortlessly ground their music into a melodic culmination of catchy, melancholic lyrics and a groove-laced rhythm that no matter how much the lyrics hurt, still makes you want to dance.

Likened to Maroon 5 and Cage the Elephant, The Habits create genre-defying music and ‘Love You’ is no different. It is unapologetically energetic, it lifts you up and throws you around until you’re dancing as much as you can. The lyrics may tell the story of love and loss and everything in between but it is undeniable that the music makes you feel good regardless.

The lyrics are repetitive in the best way, they get stuck in your head and leave you clinging onto the replay button time and time again. We can only imagine the atmosphere of this song played live, and as The Habits have played pretty much every bar, club, basement and alleyway in LA – they’ve certainly given their exclusive audience a lively experience.

You can listen to the song below and make sure you check out the duo ahead of their EP release in June.