Canadian outfit Science is Fiction create raw guitar rock


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Canadian outfit Science is Fiction recently shared their debut EP Don’t Everybody Thank Me At Once which made it onto the college music charts.

The indie rock quartet, hailing from Calgary, kick-start their tunes with a guitar riff that you love, over the top lyrics recited with righteous melody, and vocals registering on the low end of baritone pushed to its limits. Then by adding some backing high-end wailing for depth along with some frenetic rhythm guitar, it’s time to dance.

Including ‘Kissing You’ and ‘Awkward Girl’, the four-track EP was recorded at the National Music Centre and mixed by local Calgary ‘legend’ Lorrie Matheson. Their grungy indie rock has a raw guitar buzz vibe and some melodic riffs in parts.

Lead guitar player, vocalist and songwriter Pavan Singh played through a classic amp donated by Neil Young and drummer Matthew Anderson produces his rich, warm tone on a vintage Ludwig kit.

While Kirk Stensrud (guitar/vocals) and Pavan have been playing and writing together in basements since their teenage years, they are new to the Calgary music scene after Pavan’s return from years of living in Europe and India. Thankfully, they have the guidance of talented veteran bass player Blair Lipkind who previously performed with Calgary’s Moyo Combo.

Listen to the EP below and give Science is Fiction an ICM Rating out of 10.

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