Bedroom / Boredom return with game changing single ‘TV Brain’

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London-based five-piece Bedroom/Boredom have returned again with a catchy riff embedded beneath their heartfelt and emotive lyrics in the form of ‘TV Brain’, a single from their latest EP of the same name. Bedroom / Boredom have the ability to simultaneously pack a song with the feeling of ultra-indie-pop anthems but have it laced with a complex commentary on the generation we’re all living in.

‘TV Brain’ is soaring and beautifully crafted, all of its individual sections combine to form the standout sound that we’ve witnessed with ‘Chilly’, an earlier released single from the EP. ‘TV Brain’ also solidifies Bedroom / Boredoms place as game changers in London’s Indie Music Scene. It proves that they are going to be something special and that we should all be along for the journey, shouting these lyrics right back at them.

There’s only one place to be shouting those unwavering lyrics back at the band and that’s at the string of shows they’ve put on over the summer as part of the TV Brain Tour. June 2019 saw the band perform at Birmingham’s Sunflower Lounge to start and finishing at London’s Thousand Island on the 29th June, which is sure to be an incredible experience for fans.

You can listen to ‘TV Brain’ down below and rate the track out of 10.



  • Catchy Riffs
  • Complex Vocals
  • Builds and Delivers


An incredible track which joins Bedroom / Boredom's huge array of anthems. Interesting and rich vocals embedded beneath catchy riffs.

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