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Beach For Tiger is probably the perfect name for your shoegaze/indie mix, how did you come up with this?

We came-up with the name when we were trying to describe the ways that parents talk to their kids, how the grammar is simplified. Not a very rock ‘n’ roll ‘TV-smashing-through-the-window’ story, but the truth and, if I remember, an insightful discussion on semantics nonetheless. 

You return to your hometown London for a big free entry show at Notting Hill Arts Club in March, what should we expect?

We’ve got two brilliant bands, Spilt Milk Society and The Good Water, on the bill so I’m excited to see these guys. From us you can expect some old cuts, some new cuts, a few slices of disco, loads of reverb and a ruddy good time.

Your tunes have been listened to by hundreds of thousands across the world as Spotify informs us, Spotify is now such a big player in the industry, how important do you think it is for emerging acts?

It’s huge. Pretty much everyone I know, and probably everyone you know, uses it most days. I’m going to sound like an ad for it now but, the discover weekly element always throws-up some tasty gems. It’s such a good way to find new bands, and the taste-makers are on-point.

If you could pick 3 acts for your support lineup, ever, who would it be?

This is a very tricky question. I’m wondering whether to go for one genre here or to go across the genres. Also, the people I pick would need to headline their own show so it’s weird to even think of them as support acts. Ok, we’ll ignore boundaries and go for a selection from across the spectrum. Opening-up, a nice bit of Anderson. Paak and the Free Nationals, they’d get the ball rolling. Then maybe Bonobo, I’ve never seen him live and I can only imagine that it’s a magical experience to see him do his thing live in the flesh. He’s got one of the greatest catalogues of material too. Last would probably be Michael Jackson, and it probably goes without saying why but, he had the greatest voice and is arguably the greatest performer of the modern age.

And finally, go on, give us the lowdown on new music, you know you wanna..?

We’ve been in the studio a lot since the start of the year, and we have a fair few flavours sizzling on the grill. Definitely a disco/soul element coming out of us at the moment. Our next release will be a single later this year.