BAIT release their self-titled debut album


BAIT are a Industrial/Post-Punk four piece hailing from Southend with some familiar faces that you should recognise!

Remember a little band called Asylums? I had the pleasure of meeting the gang after their powerhouse set at Flying Vinyl Festival last year. Little did I know that the band also own their own record label, Cool Things Records.

Since I saw them last, the band have been working on numerous releases, showcasing their roster of amazing talent, and even working on their own material.

Out of nowhere, this band called BAIT, who I’d never heard of before, release this debut album with some whack artwork of some dudes hand covered in shit and worms. That’s more than enough to get my attention.

I didn’t really know what to expect when first listening. I’d done no previous research, I didn’t have a clue what genre was about to fill my ears. The gamble certainly paid off. In all my short years of living on planet earth, I’d never listened to industrial punk before…and now I’m hooked?

What is it about BAIT’s debut self titled album that interests me such much? It’s like nothing I’ve ever listened to before. The mixture of raw industrialised sounds with a thrashy harsh punk tone and even some dance material is like nothing I could even think of listening too. It’s a lot of things that I don’t like rolled into one but it WORKS and I love it. It’s a lot like pizza. You wouldn’t catch me eating dough, melted cheese and tomato in separate bowls. But when those bad boys meet, it’s a sensual explosion in ones mouth.

Personal highlights of this album. ‘Hate One Another And Love Yourselfie’ is a monster tune. There’s something about that beat that gets me going. I close my eyes and imagine myself in some sort of Trainspotting scenario. It really grips you from the bottom of your deepest musical pits and almost entrances you to want it to never end! I also really rate ‘I’m Still Here’ as well. A very loud track with trashy-punk riffs and hilarious lyrics.

I really enjoyed exploring this new genre of music. It’s definitely inspired me to explore other bands with a similar sound, such as; New Order, The Human League and Echo and The Bunnymen.

Check out ‘Hate One Another And Love Yourselfie’ below!

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